Marketing Communication B.Com. I Semester I (Vocational Course) (M.D.U. Rohtak)

1st Edition ₹125

Authors: Rahul Garg, V Baveja

Published by: Arya Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-8296-430-3

In the present age, the unparalleled growth in the field of technology and communication has influenced all the spheres of life. As a result, the business processes asthe ultimate aim of production is sale. The success of any business-unit depends upon the degree of satisfaction of its customers. The business -unit which is trusted more by the customers will be able to sell more. For commerce students it is necessary to be acquainted with the basic principles and techniques of marketing and communication; only then can they tread confidently onto the path of marketing communication.

For the convenience of English medium students the subject has been explained in easy and simple language. To make the subject simple and easy to understand, various examples and diagrams have been given in various chapters. In order to make the book more useful and student-friendly, suggestions are welcomed and will be acknowledged, if found worthy of attention.

This book has been written in accordance with the latest syllabus for B.Com. 1st year (Vocational Course) (1st Semester) of M.D.U. Rohtak.

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