ICSE Understanding Computer Studies- 2

2nd Edition ₹225

Authors: V.K. Pandey, D.K. Dey

Published by: Avichal Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-7739-712-3

The ICSE Understanding Computer Studies series has been written considering the rapid growth of Information and Technology in and around the World. The series from Class I to Class V has been prepared keeping in mind the learning capacity of the child. It has been upgraded with Window 10 and MS-Office 2016.

The salient features of the series 'ICSE Understanding Computer Studies' for Classes I and II are:

  • The series has been written in a lucid language with plenty of pictures.
  • It has been prepared in a graded form to introduce the fundamentals concepts to children first and then gradually build up the knowledge of various concepts.
  • Each chapter contains a variety of questions.
  • 'Knowledge Corner' gives an additional information about the concepts.
  • 'Activity' reinforces the concepts learnt in the chapter.
  • 'Chapter at a Glance' helps in summarizing the chapter.

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More about this book's authors

V.K. Pandey
Vijay Kumar Pandey vast experience in teaching Computer Science and Information Technology. He has served as Senior Demonstrator in Digital and Microprocessor Laboratory at M.V.J. College of Engineering, Bengaluru. He had also been a Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Electronics at Acharya Polytechnic in Bengaluru.
He has been working as Coordinator in the faculty of Computer Science at Rajendra Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur for the last 20 years. He can be contacted at pandey_apc@yahoo.co.in or vkp_apc@rediffmail.com

D.K. Dey
Dilip Kumar Dey is a senior faculty member at Rajendra Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur. He has been teaching Mathematics and Computer Science/Computer Applications for the last 25 years.
After graduating in B.Sc., he did his B.Ed from Loyola College of Education, Jamshedpur and Diploma in Computer Science from a unit of M.R.N. Society, Kolkata. He can be contacted at dkd.awas@gmail.com or dkd_apc@rediffmail.com

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