The Fulbright Experience

1st Edition ₹250

Authors: Manisha Pavi, Anju Ghavri Pathak, Murari Jha, Deepti Chawla, Stuti Gaur, Manu Gulati

Published by: Avichal Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-7739-587-7

In this book, six Indian teachers from various Government schools in Delhi, who were fellows of the Fulbright Teacher Excellence Achievement (FTEA) Program 2018, share their experiences about the American education system. These teachers present their indights specific to their learning in the Indian classrooms. These teachers not only present what they observed but have tried to capture the American school education system through observation and intution throught the book, both of which play an important role in the classrooms. The authors have also tried to compare and contrast the American and Indian classrooms and have focused on highlighting the implications of their learning to classrooms in India. However, this does not means that the an interesing read for every teacher across the world or anyone engaged in education around the world.

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