Looking Around- 2

1st Edition ₹200

Published by: Avichal Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-7739-659-1

Features of the series:

  • The 21st Century Skills comprise of Learning Skills, Literacy Skills and Life Skills which are duly incorporated in the series. SDGs and Art Integration have also been added in it.
  • Beyond the text in chapters make students aware about various interesting facts beyond the textbook.
  • Let Us Share in between the text helps children to self-assess themselves.
  • Activities after important topics gives hands-on experience and practice.
  • Answer Time at the end of each chapter includes objective ad subjective type questions.
  • Picture-based questions of the Answer Time section build-up visual interpretation skills and through this, the concepts of Art Integration has been weaved into the series.
  • Think and Answer questions develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment.
  • Brain Teaser includes application-based questions that motivate students to think critically.
  • Life skills encourage the students to develop a feeling of belongingness towards the world.
  • Fun Time includes tasks that assess recalling abilities of the students in a joyous way.

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