Loss to the student in purchasing Photocopied/Pirated Books

Poor quality of paper and printing is harmful to the eyes.
Due to duplicate books, original books are not sold in enough quantity which causes delay in bringing out new revised and updated editions. This deprives the students/ other buyers of the latest information on the subject and their knowledge is not updated.

Loss to the Author

The authors put in a lot of efforts in preparing the books and are deprived of their genuine royalty due to sale of duplicate/pirated books.

Loss to the Publisher

Publishers undertake strenuous efforts and put in a lot of labour and capital in publishing good books. They are deprived of the return on their investments.

Loss to the Government

Government is deprived of their rightful revenue in the form of sales tax/VAT and other taxes due to sale/purchase of duplicate/pirated books.

Loss to the Society

Selling of pirated/duplicate books is nothing but a theft of hard work put in by author and publisher. Purchasing such material amounts to encouraging this immoral act which is another form of corruption.
So, let us all join hands to stop this immoral and unethical practice of selling/buying pirated/duplicate books and purchase only genuine books. Let us respect the law of the land and avoid prosecution by resorting to unlawful activities.

Please cooperate in the noble cause.

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